Dr. Reddy’s Centre of Excellence for chiral technologies is located in the Chirotech Technology Centre in Cambridge, (UK). With over 20 years of experience using proprietary and non-proprietary chiral technologies to produce single enantiomer compounds, this world-class center is equipped with the infrastructure and staff to quickly develop a chiral solution that meets partner needs.

Chiral Technologies include:

Asymmetric Chemocatalysis
As a recognized world leader in Asymmetric Chemocatalysis, our work is realized through technical expertise and access to a diverse collection of proprietary, third-party, and IP-free ligands and catalysts. We offer experience in all areas of asymmetric chemocatalysis from catalyst screening to implementation of a process in production reactors.

The Biocatalysis group, a pillar of our chiral technology offering, uses proprietary and non-proprietary enzymes in partner projects. Our ability to discover an enabling enzyme for a transformation and to produce the enzyme in-house with an in-licensed proprietary expression system allows the development of a customized solution for the desired chiral product.

Diastereomeric Resolution
Diastereomeric Resolution, a classic approach to producing chiral compounds, provides a third option for our partners and completes our formidable chiral technology offering. Rather than force-fitting a single technology to a partner’s project, we strive to offer a chiral solution by using the most appropriate tool in our many-faceted chiral toolbox. Furthermore, we are experts in the marriage of an enabling chiral step to traditional chemical development - thus fostering the establishment of the best overall scale-up route. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our flexible and collaborative approach to R&D programs, which facilitate the commercial-scale supply of RSMs, Intermediates and APIs.

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